Things To Do Before You Die

1-Ride on the back of a motorcyle, Feel the air rush through my air as we ride fast past the other traffic! Doesn't that sound wonderfull??
2-Learn to drive :)
3-Bunjee Jump!! I've always wanted to do that! Anyone know how much it costs?
4-Fall head over heals in love (L) 
5-Swim with the dolphins.
6-Be an extra in a film.
7-Learn to rollar blade
8-Ride a camel in the desert.
9- Plant a tree.
10-Stand under a water fall
11- Learn to play a musical instrument. Yes i dont know how to play anything :P But i will learn!!
12-Take a ride on the scaryiest rollar coaster i can find!
13-Grow a pretty garden.
14-Drive a convertible with the top down and music full blast!
15-Go up in a hot air balloon.
16-Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty
17-Have a tour of Europe
18-Learn how to do the splits correctly
19-Start Yoga or Meditating.
20-Go to a giant aquarium and take pictures of fish.
21-Sell a piece of artwork.
22- Get married/have kids
23-Go to paris and see the Effile Tower 
24-Live my life to the fullest!!!

Got any other idea?? Email us at cheers !! :)