Feng Shui 

Hey; Want to improve certain apects in your life? Then take time to read some feng shui tips! I was just curious one day and thought, "why not google feng shui?" So i did it and found this awesome website www.galadarling.com she wrote lots of handy tips and tricks for feng shui and i've got a few for you. 

First of all...
Dont ever have a mirror facing your bed!
Dont have your bed directly in front of the door.
If you have artwork in your bedroom or house make sure it is happy. You dont want sad pictures because then you'll become sad!
Don't have many electronic appilances in your room, a bedroom is meant to be a nice relaxing place not a place where you get radiation from electronic things!!
Open your window alot so you can breathe fresh crisp air not just stuffy air thats been there the whole day.
Have lots of different lighting, have a dimmer so you can relax the lights and be calm.
Make sure your bedroom has soothing colours like whites and creams and pinks and any other light colours.
It would be good if your bed is easily approacable from both sides.
Keep the doors closed at night.
If you dont want to be single have more than one thing e.g candles, pictures etc. 
Water isnt a very good idea in bedroom, it is said that they cause fanical loss and relationship problems.
Remove flowers, these can distract you while you sleep.
Keep the bathroom door closed if you want to be good finacally.
Make sure you block drain otherwise "your money will go down the drain"

I also read that you keep your stove clean and your desk clean and under your bed clean!
Down below is a picture of a Bagua Map, see what objects and furniture you have in these spaces of your room.
You put self knowledge,career and helpfull people the same wall as your door.
It's best not to have your rubbish bin anywhere unless you want things to go back in that section. When i checked my bedroom i had my rubbish bin in inspiration, i moved it and in art i got better! I dont no if im paranoid but im really happy now! Hope your happier too! Try moving your furniture around. Its best to put the colours in each section e.g yellow in health and pink in relationships :) Goodluck!

Love from the EP Team xxx